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If there where no rocks on the bed the stream would have no song

Our church is full of real people who have encountered God when they were in real pain. It is in our times of need, that God often feels the closest, and where we really learn his love. At our church, we celebrate the fact that all of us struggle from time to time, so we don’t need to hide our problems. Here are some of the stories of our leaders and what God has brought them through...


Minh’s family arrived in Australia in the late 70’s as boat people/refugees fleeing from Vietnam. He was 6 years old at the time. He understands many of the struggles that families from other countries have coping with a new life in Australia. His background has given him a wonderful ability to encourage and help people in the difficulties that we all have to cope with from time to time. He and his wife Netty are considering how they can serve God overseas in Asia in the future


Caleb spent several years ministering to addicts and the poor in inner city Melbourne. Since moving to Coburg, he has seen God continue to work powerfully in his life, helping him grow in character and leadership, while also helping him conquer his own difficulties and addictions. A husband, father and Elder of our church he can be found in the music team, or tinkering with something technical. His personal passion is also a great ministry reaching out to provide positive help and hope to people in the sometimes troubled world of online Xbox gaming.

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