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Leadership Team
Pastor - Paul Riessen

We welcomed Paul as our pastor in March 2023.  Paul has a lot of enthusiasm for the local church and a drive for local community mission.  He has a passion for children's and youth ministry and always seeks to prioritise the discipleship of our emerging generations. 
Paul is an inspiring preacher and we'd love to welcome you to one of our services to hear what he has to share.

Brad - Church Secretary

Brad became our Church Secretary in February 2021.  Brad is a highly competent and diligent administrator of the church's affairs.  He has overseen the church during its recent pastoral transition and ensured everyone remained connected and cared for.

Hannah - Church Treasurer

Hannah took on the role of church treasurer in December 2022 and has quickly made the role her own.  She is not only passionate about being a faithful and diligent steward of the church's finances but also ensuring that future treasurers are set up to continue this important work.
She is also a talented vocalists who regular leads our worship services.

Marc - deacon

I have been attending CBC as “my church” for 3-4 years.

I was amazingly saved at 28 years of age in 1979.  It was and still is the best thing that has happened to me – ever.  Jesus was huge when I met Him, and has grown greatly since.  He has introduced me to His Father & His Holy Spirit since I first met him.

I also have continued to grow since we met, sometimes quickly, sometimes much less so.  My desire is to live a life that reflects Christ and draws people to Him.

Rose - Deacon

Rose has been part of the Coburg Baptist family for many years and loves caring for the church family and also taking care of her grandchildren.  Rose is the co-host of the Wednesday morning ladies group and is always ready to lend a hand.

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