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Leadership Team
If there where no rocks on the bed the stream would have no song

Our church is full of real people who have encountered God throughout the highs and lows of life. At our church, we recognise that all of us struggle from time to time, so we don’t need to hide our problems. Here are some of the stories of our leaders and what God has put on their hearts...

Sylvia - Interim Pastor

Reverend Sylvia Griffiths joined us as our Interim Pastor in February 2020.  Sylvia is passionate about faith in Jesus and God's Word.  She considers reading, understanding and applying Scripture to be a vital part of her daily life and spiritual growth.  She is equally passionate about growing other people's knowledge and appreciation of the Bible, and its relevance to their lives.  She is enthusiastic and bubbly, but the breadth of her life experiences has equipped her to be an empathic support during times of crisis and / or difficulty.

Brad - Church Secretary

Brad became our Church Secretary in February 2021.

Lorys - Church Treasurer

Lorys is passionate about being in the worship team as a singer he says  “ I really feel closer to God and feel His presence most when we praise and worship Him together”.
He first came to Christ in 1989 and came to CBC in 2007, where he has been an active, enthusiastic member and contributor.  He has been our faithful volunteer treasurer  since 2016 even though he dislikes accountancy, a lot!

Lorys really enjoys getting into exegetical studies of Gods Word, growing and sharing his appreciation of the Bible with others.  He is very welcoming  of all peoples from all over the world and with his wife Rosemary (married since 1975) they enjoy giving the gift of hospitality whenever they can.

Marc - deacon

I have been attending CBC as “my church” for 3-4 years.

I was amazingly saved at 28 years of age in 1979.  It was and still is the best thing that has happened to me – ever.  Jesus was huge when I met Him, and has grown greatly since.  He has introduced me to His Father & His Holy Spirit since I first met him.

I also have continued to grow since we met, sometimes quickly, sometimes much less so.  My desire is to live a life that reflects Christ and draws people to Him.

Chris - deacon

My wife Karen and I have been attending Coburg Baptist for over 5 years. I have been on this Christian journey for well over 30 years.  I still find it both comforting and challenging at times. As a young believer I was taught the importance of Scriptural  engagement and action. I am passionate about the church and its role in our lives.  Worship, the preaching of God's word, active Pastoral Care and appropriate missional engagement within the local area are key activities of a healthy functioning fellowship of believers under the guidance of God's Spirit.  

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