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As the church changes and grows, our focus is to connect with people where they are at. Every person in the world is on a spiritual journey right now, and we want to place ourselves in a position where we can be good spiritual guides, and help them ask the right questions, and show them where to find good answers. This is the focus of all our new ministries as we try to become more helpful and influential in the community. When a need is identified, we cater for that need. Our current ministries include...

Kids Church

Kids need to have fun at church, right? As they do this, they also learn. While you are in church listening to the sermon, your kids will be well looked after, having fun, and learning about God.


Note - All our kids church leaders have a Working With Children Check for your peace of mind.

Small Groups

We have a number of small groups operating in the inner north. These are flexible, so you are never stuck in one small group if you need to change for any reason. Each small group also has the freedom to run studies and topics that work best for each particular groups needs.


If you are looking for something particular in small groups, contact our pastor, and you can have a chat about which small group would suit you best.

Clan CBC

Clan CBC online is for people who are passionate above gaming and talking about God. Clan has its own youtube channel, webpage, chat room, etc, which is helping provide a fantastic ministry and positive support in the sometimes troubled world of online gaming.

Facebook -

Potential programs for the people who share in our church include interest groups, parents groups, women's events, social events, community outreach and the list goes on!

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